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Dear Applicants

We are glad to know that you are interested in studying art education at our institute, be it for teaching in schools or teaching in non school-related areas. Apart from obtaining information through the homepage, you can also receive a personal consultation and be professionally advised about matters concerning the goals, subject matter, and organisation of the different degree programmes.


Welcome to the Department for Art and Education of the University of Leipzig! The institute is located in the heart of Leipzig’s historical downtown. The university’s main buildings, the buildings for seminars, as well as the libraries and the cafeteria are all within the same vicinity. Spacious rooms, located in an architecturally prominent building (Werkbund 1908) are the premises of a modernly equipped lecture auditorium, a seminar room, rooms for group work, workshops, and studios. Here students work either under


In the courses which familiarize students with the nature of artistic works and processes, insights in the structure and development of artistic production, reception, and reflection are gained. Students also learn about the language of form and colour, as well as about the particular nature and development of artistic creativity. In dealing with these topics, examples of modern art are viewed and students gain insights into the important developmental tendencies and conceptual problems of art as well. The courses in

Projects and Events

During the semester there are a lot of projects, events and exhibitions which are often developed and organized by students. For the temporary exhibition called „Schicht“, for example, students‘ works are displayed and are made visually accessible to the public. Once a semester a tour organized by the student council where students‘ works are viewed takes place. Students allow others to look over their shoulders and their works are put up for discussion. Apart from student exhibitions, teachers‘ works as