The Department for Art and Education in Leipzig offers a broad variety of lectures and seminars in the fields of fine arts, art andeducation, museum educational service, art history and the mediation of art. Next to painting, drawing, sculpturing, photography, design, video, website design, typing, performance, paper art, land art as well as conceptual art, the students are encouraged to choose between different internships with museums, galleries, art associations, schools or institutions for disabled people, elderly and youths.


Through personal art work the students mostly aim to improve their knowledge and skills about mediating art to other people. This is achieved by doing practical workshops, projects and art courses, working together with an audience coming from various backgrounds. The students are often directly involved in creating new concepts for different art projects, aiming at a final implementation/ presentation.

Networking, project work and group work are major parts of our programme, as well as art history and contemporary art. Here, the students are able to visit various lectures or discussions in order to expand their knowledge. Unfortunately, the Department is not able to offer studio places for every student, but according to the teachers there are plenty of opportunities to work in the provided studios for painting, drawing, sculpture, etching, book printing. There are also computers provided with the necessary software for digital photography and video editing.