Courses of Studies

Here you can find information about the different courses and the regulations governing them. Further information can also be found on the central University of Leipzig website.

Modules and Courses

There are 3 basic types of modules:

1. Compulsory modules: all students are required to take the courses of these modules
2. Elective modules: students can choose within a thematically defined area
3. Optional modules: students have the free choice in choosing module courses offered at faculties which have made cooperative agreements with the institute

Modules are divided into seminars and lectures, which finish with a presentation of the work at the end of the semester. For each presentation the students receive Credit Points which will show in a transcript of records. Regular students will finish their course with the degree Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts respectively. The first term of the academic year starts at the beginning of October and finishes at the end of March. The second term starts at the beginning of April and finishes at the end of September. There are no lectures between end of February and beginning of April, and between end of July and beginning of October.

Overview of all Courses and Modules:
Module Catalogue (PDF)

Academic Calendar of the University:
Important Dates during the Semester

State Examination in Art Education (teaching in schools)

Teacher’s State Examination Art – Sixth Form College
Teacher’s State Examination Art – Secondary School
Teacher’s State Examination Art – Special Needs Education
Teacher’s State Examination Art  – Primary School

exam regulations (PO), study regulations (SO)
description of modules, course plan of studies

Bachelor/Master Art Education
(non-school related)

Bachelor Art Education – Non-school related
Master Art Education – Non-school related

exam regulations (PO), study regulations (SO)
description of modules, course plan of studies