Projects and Events

During the semester there are a lot of projects, events and exhibitions which are often developed and organized by students. For the temporary exhibition called „Schicht“, for example, students‘ works are displayed and are made visually accessible to the public. Once a semester a tour organized by the student council where students‘ works are viewed takes place. Students allow others to look over their shoulders and their works are put up for discussion.

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Apart from student exhibitions, teachers‘ works as well as the artworks of art contest contestants are also periodically exhibited. The student council, representative of the student body, facilitates the work of the university by organizing excursions and cultural events like visits to museums and cinemas and semester parties. The Award of Honour is granted annually. Students who graduate with exceptional artistic and academic achievements are awarded. Persons who have done a great service to the development of the institute are also awarded. After finishing studies students shall remain in contact with the institute. Members of the Art Educational Circle of Friends are continuously offered the opportunity to actively participate in the happenings and in the development of the institute.

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Von Andreas Wendt

Andreas Wendt ist Professor für Design und Neue Medien in der Kunstpädagogik.