Commons Tracing

An artistic exploration of bodies in motion by Lithography, Monotype, Collage and Bookbinding

In the workshop »Commons Tracing« the participants learned about the graphic expressions of artistic lithography, exploring the human figure in its individuality of bodies, in movement and in pausing. Examples of various contemporary artistic positions illustrated the actuality of the traditional graphic craft. With the initial activity of walking through the streets, the common search for traces referred to explorations in drawing as well as in questions of content research. In a joint group work, different creative approaches were tested.

After an insight into the basics of the lithographic realization of a picture, the participants created a work on lithographic stones, monotype-prints, drawings and collages. The peculiarities of theese artistic techniques are specifically considered in terms of their artistic expression. These were then be used as common material and further processed to individual results. Individual graphics, books and a joint presentation of the results were created. 

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Alexander Frohberg led the workshop as a visiting professor at the Institute for Art Education of the Akademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej im. Marii Grzegorzewskiej in February/March 2023 in Warsaw.